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November 2020 MANAGER’S CORNER

Hello Residents,  
Let's just say 2020 has definitely been one for the books! As time continues to roll on by, we here at Sunrise are continually looking for ways to help our community maintain some level of normalcy. With Thanksgiving at the end of the month, we are working to put together plates for all of you. We will have more information in regards to these plates in the next coming weeks. As far as Turkeys, it has not been made public if any will be handed out to families this year. That being said, we would like to form a list of individuals who would be interested in a turkey or receiving a plate on Thanksgiving Day. This way if any organizations reach out, we can have this information readily available

Turkey Plates
Staff will be delivering Turkey/Thanksgiving plates to all residents on November 20, 2020. There will be 2 plates per household.  

Commodity Boxes
Residents, if you are signed up for the Commodity Boxes you will be delivered the whole box. Please do not pick out items you want and leave the remainder in front of our office. It is not our responsibility to house or redistribute those items. If you no longer want the boxes, call the front office so that we can update the list.

Dog Patrol
We are having more incidences reported of residents allowing their dogs to use neighbors' yards and sidewalks as their bathrooms. Please be courteous and try to utilize areas that will not directly affect those around you. As per the pet agreement, one should be picking up and disposing of all dog poop.

If you are needing your apartment sprayed outside of the normal monthly maintenance, please call the front office to get yourself on the list.


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